Renewal of Vows
Renewal of Wedding Vows Ceremonies are a wonderful way to renew your commitment to each other and bring back all of the feelings of your first wedding or commitment ceremony.

Your renewal of vows ceremony can be;
A lovely addition to a wedding anniversary celebration
A great surprise for a loved one
A beautiful Valentines Day ritual
A fantastic way to honour your children by having them involved.
A wonderful way to reconnect with your partner

Renewal of Vows Ceremonies can be written from scratch to make it exactly how you would like or you can use your original ceremony and repeat the your vows that you have said once before. 

A Renewal of Vows Ceremony can include;

An introduction that contains a personal history of you the couple and maybe a reflection on what married life has been like for you thus far.

The main body of the ceremony then contains information on why you chose to renew your commitment.
 It can contain any amount of readings or poems said either by you, your children or family or friends.

The exchange of vows; This is where you will renew your vows to one another. Either using your original wedding vows or a new version written to reflect where you are now at this point in your lives.

An exchange of rings; this can be an exchange of any kind of jewellery, or a candle lighting ceremony or any other symbolic gesture that you would like to make. You might even want to exchange the same rings as you did on your wedding day.

After your renewal of vows to each other you may like to  include some affirmations. These usually come from your children or friends; showing their continuing  support for you and your renewing of love. (It's a wonderful aspect of the ceremony that can greatly enhance the occasion).

To conclude the ceremony there can be a summary of the joy you may feel, thank you's and maybe announce somefuture plans you may have.

I have a variety of Poems & Vows for your consideration too!