As a funeral celebrant, my main focus is to provide the best possible service to the family and friends of the deceased.

A personal funeral, celebration of a life, or memorial ceremony can be a fitting tribute to the one who has passed away by celebrating their life and achievements. It will also provide comfort to those who are bereaved by giving them a time and safe space to acknowledge their grief and loss. 

To create a funeral ceremony for your loved one, I will talk with family and friends in order to learn as much about the deceased person as possible. This is the most important part of creating a personal funeral, the writing of a funeral tribute which is true to their life story and personal qualities.
No-one wants to think about the sadness of losing a family member or a friend but inevitably, sooner or later, we all do.

I can come and see you at your home to get all relevant information and requests. With your guidance I will plan and conduct a respectful ceremony and eulogy with compassion and sensitivity to the needs and wishes of the family.

Funeral services are generally conducted at the chapel of the funeral director, at the graveside, or at the crematorium chapel. However, it is possible by arrangement with your funeral director, to have the ceremony in a place that may have been special to the deceased.

Your funeral director will advise you on the procedure if you wish to have the service in a park, or beach, or at home. The funeral service or ceremony usually includes:
Music, either live or recorded 
A reflection on death and loss 
Poetry and prose 
A eulogy, paying tribute to the life and character of the person who has passed away 
Participation by family and friends who may read tributes, perform music, or read poetry or prose 
Symbols such as the lighting of candles 
A period of silence and reflection 
Formal words of goodbye 
Flowers placed on the coffin during the reflection, or at the end of the service 
Photographs / video montage from the life of the deceased 
Items special to the deceased placed on the coffin 
Favourite sayings, books, poems etc placed in or on the coffin 
The release of balloons, doves or butterflies at the end of the service 
Acknowledgement of war service with prescribed ritual 
Display of special memorabilia 
I can write the eulogy based on the information you give me at our meeting or a member of the family or a family friend may prefer to the write the Biography / Eulogy. 

I encourage family and friends to be included in the service by reading poems, readings or tributes.  I also have a selection of poems and readings for your perusal.
I can help choose music and readings for the service and I am open to accommodating special requests that honour the deceased. Many families find comfort by including in the service personal items which symbolise significant facets of their life and interests.
Talk to me about how we can make the service for your loved one personal and meaningful. 

Below is a list of things to think about what to speak of and a suggested order of ceremony structure.
The Biography / Eulogy
Without question this is the most important part of the ceremony.
A member of the family, or a family friend, may prefer to the write the biography.
Eulogies should be strictly a five-minute maximum per person. 3 to 4 people is a suggested amount to have speak, but it depends how involved you want your celebrant. But at the end of the day it is up to how many people you would like to have.
The following is a list of things to think about what to speak of.
  • Birthplace; names of parents and siblings
  • Early life, primary school
  • Teen’s, secondary school
  • Qualifications
  • Trade or profession
  • Marriage
  • Children
  • Family life
  • Friendships
  • Personality
  • Community service
  • Achievements
  • Political views
  • Hobbies
  • Love of nature or animals
  • Interests in music, the arts, literature
  • Quotations this person liked
  • Any other relevant information
Suggested order of ceremony:
  • Introduction
  • Biography or eulogy
  • Reflection
  • Readings or music
  • The committal (chosen words are said at the conclusion of the ceremony or when the coffin is lowered into the crematorium chamber or the grave)
Music to be played?
Montage of photos to be shown or video?
Who will be speaking?