Commitment ceremonies
Commitment Ceremonies are an exceptional celebration for people wishing to announce their commitment to each other. It is suitable for people who cannot legally be married, but this makes the ceremony no less significant. Some couples even prefer this ceremony over a legal one.

For both mixed sex and same sex couples I can provide information on how to go about signing the Melbourne Relationship Declaration Register. (This may be used to demonstrate the existence of a de-facto relationship, according to legislation on domestic partnerships). The signing can then be incorporated into the Commitment Ceremony.

Note: The City of Melbourne Relationship Declaration Register was officially launched on 2 April 2007. The register is an opportunity for couples of both mixed-sex and same-sex to formally declare their relationship.
Commitment Ceremonies can be written from scratch with your input and assistance or I can show you some other alternatives for any sections of the ceremony.

A Commitment Ceremony comprises of-
The Introduction
This contains a welcome to your guests and little something about what a commitment ceremony is. 
Short Story
Here we can go into your personal history; how you met and fell in love.  You might like to include information on why you chose to make your commitment and what your hopes for your future together are. It can contain any amount of readings, poems or prayers said either by you or your family or friends. 

The Vows
This is where you can exchange your vows to each other. You can personally write your own vows or pledge to each other or you can choose from a variety that I can provide you with.
Exchange of rings

An exchange of rings is usually done here to seal your vows. It doesn't neccesarily have to be rings it can be any type of jewellery,  or you could have a candle lighting ceremony or any other symbolic gesture that you  would like to make. Affirmations from friends and family to support you in your union (This is a beautiful aspect of the ceremony that can greatly enhance the occasion).

The Conclusion
This concludes the ceremony and  summorises the Ceremony. It also includes a presentation of a Commitment Certificate.
A commitment ceremony is pretty much the same as a civil ceremony. The only difference is a commitment ceremony doesn't have the legal aspects. 
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